About Us

For addressing its Australian clientele, created an offshoot of for facilitating customer satisfaction. caters to its global consumers with variegated products. The rising shopping portal is quickly gaining notoriety amongst its Australian clientele, featuring the best deals and discount offers scooped up from far corners of the web. The cash-saving coupons are selected from a wide pool of branded corporations in order to shop under one-roof at the ease of one’s own laptop. The shopping portal is targeted at delivering maximum value to Aussie customers with irresistible deals on much needed products.

How do we work?

Our wide-scale operations are managed via a competitive team working in a fast-paced work environment. The motto is to deliver ‘value for money products’. This model has helped us build a brand known for delivering the goods under an average budget. Our team is skilled in communication, playing a pivotal role in maintaining affiliations with clients as well as companies alike.

At present, our wide-ranging coupons have facilitated heavy-duty shopping within the Australian ecosystem as customers flog shopping stores during key vacations. Coupons and promotional codes have certainly assisted both concerned parties to benefit from each other. According to rough estimates, we have an ongoing 60,000 monthly visitors, with traffic spiking during Christmas and holiday season.

Long-term Vision

We are slowly yet steadily climbing our self-created ladder of success. By addressing the customer’s needs and routinely updating our deals and systems, we assure the customers of a supreme shopping experience unparalleled as of yet. Starting from American base, we have invaded other marketplaces and gained rapport with major international markets. As we enter unchartered territories, we aspire to deliver diligently. Australia is a potential market for us with an untapped potential of maximizing revenues via shopping services.