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Betts Coupons and Discount Codes

This is one of the most iconic fashion brands in Australia, and many have grown up with the family-owned “Betts & Betts” stores, which is a name synonymous with shoes. Founded in the nineteenth century, the first store was opened on Hay Street in Perth City. In 1912, it became the biggest shoe store in the country, taking Perth by storm. Throughout the 1940s and 50’s, it continued to be the biggest store in Australia, and following a major refit in 1951, it became the biggest shoe store in the Southern Hemisphere. Major expansion took place in the 70s and 80s where the business expanded nationally. They continue to run as a family business, bringing the Betts legacy into the modern era. Here are some of their sections:

The Men’s Casual Boots

Truly, one of the biggest attractions that they have is the men’s casual boots. Plenty of shoppers that have come to purchase these things have gone on to appreciate the point that the boots are some of the most durable things of their nature. You can compare them with any world-class boot that has been made by a renowned label, and chances are that you will see both of them as equals in excellence. A great number of guys that have gone on to opt for the boots have stated that the footwear has stood the test of time, and have served them for a lengthy duration. Of course, this is conditioned with the notion that you take good care of them.

Stylistically, the boots are truly superb as well. This means that you can wear them on any formal occasion and they would successfully add charms to your overall image. Some top items coming from this section are the Brooklyn Black, Scorpion Black, and Battle Tan. From time to time, the store offers a price cut on footwear that you will find in this section. Therefore, you should try to visit the place on a routine note as you might save big bucks if you do so, and this would be beside the perks that you stand to gain, courtesy of the latest Betts coupons.

Men’s Sneakers

Nowadays, it is obvious that Aussie youngsters prefer to own sneakers that can be well-accustomed to their often-hectic outdoor activities. You may be a person that loves to go out for a light jog or someone who enjoys a healthy activity such as cycling. If you are powered by the right set of sneakers then this would make your life easier, and you will be able to do your activities in a more carefree way. Sadly, there are many companies out there that claim to offer something exclusive but fail to deliver on their promises. If you are a guy who has been deceived in the past and wants a good recommendation then look no further. This section might be the best possible thing that could cater to your needs.

Some top items hailing from here are the Warrant Black, Bear Black, and Joey Navy. Besides their durability, several users of Betts coupons have come to admit the point that the sneakers have a lovely appearance. Guys have even stated that it is because of the overall design of such sneakers that they were inclined to wear them over and over again, and recommend them to their friends & family members.

Women’s Heeled Boots

When it comes to the purchase of heeled boots, Aussie women seem to be one of the choosiest customers in the world. They tend to have a “never-compromise” attitude towards their purchases, and this ensures that companies offer the best in the world to them. Women also prefer to go for something that is at an optimum level in both the fashion and quality aspects. Well, if you are a lady that has high expectations regarding her purchase of heeled boots then look no further. You are very likely to come across some magnificent options at this part of the store.

Some top products coming from here are the Gang Black Micro, Dominate Red Micro, and Erica Black. A wonderful thing to note here is that you may find assisting Betts coupons associated with these as well as other boots available at the store. Shoppers that have already opted for such footwear have come to complement the overall ease with which such footwear can be worn or taken off. Surely, this is in stark contrast to many heeled boots that are out there, which might satisfy you on the fashion front but present a daunting challenge when they are put to use.


It seems that this section never loses its charm. You can be old or young, have a modest budget or an affluent one, chances are that you will come to admire at least one thing that is put on this section. Thanks to its massive range of products, a great number of store visitors usually visit it on a primary note. Shoppers also appreciate the point that the footwear here comes at a slashed rate. Both men and women have come to acknowledge the fact that the section has some of the most dashingly styled boots, sandals, flats, and sneakers that you will find anywhere. All of this points towards the notion that you should take your time with it whenever you decide to make quality buyouts.

Airflex Shoes

The Airflex shoes series have caused quite a stir among the students in Australia. A great number of them are of the view that such things are perfect for their everyday lifestyle. Shoppers are also excited because of the point that the range offers lasting comfort, and you can wear them all day long. Some top names hailing from here are the Ross Black, Oslo Brown, and the Yield Brown. Among other things, it seems that the Wood-colored footwear is gaining a great amount of attention, and this simply because of their elegant style. So try to watch out for them.