How to Pick Out Unique Fathers Day Gifts

Unique Fathers Day Gifts

Alright! So Father’s Day is coming up. Boy, that’s a real tough one. If every other day is a special and hard one, then how do we always get away with just that plain old “BEST DAD” mug trick? The answer is simple, our dads are the coolest and they don’t make a big deal out of it. Without any doubts, our dads are the most important part of our lives, and the things they do and have done is unlike anyone can ever can. Understandably, Father’s Day gifts should be more than just another last minute run to the nearest gift store. If you’re still with that last minute approach, we’ve listed together 10 different gift ideas to give your Dad this year. This list will cover some great ideas for any kind of dad, and you are sure to get one to suit for him.


Whether your dad wears a watch or not, they still are one of the best gifts to give to your dad, if you haven’t already. Watches last a lifetime and are a great reminder of your appreciation for the person for years to come.

You might want to pick 2 similar pieces, one for him and one for you. Makes for a special kind of keepsake between you and your dad. You can get a crocodile print leather watch or an all silver black leather watch which are both is trend right now. As a special Fathers day promotion also pick up some free Gifts at Kapten and

all black leather and croco leather watch


If you have the outgoing dad who likes to travel a lot, business or pleasure, then getting them a durable and stylish suitcase is a great idea. Put in your knowledge of your dad’s likes and dislikes to good use and pick out of a color he likes most. You could even get one custom designed with some cool text or pictures etched on the front.


Every dad needs a little grooming every now and then. After all, they contributed to your good looks and sense of style. Get your dad a fancy Remington beard trimming kit this year to help them do just that. You can get a lot of different sets like razors, blade sets, shaving foams, gels, after shaves etc. Throw in a nice body spray or better even, one of their favorite perfumes.

Remington Beard trimmer


We are deep into the smartphone era, but still some of the dads are not very sure about using the phones to take photos and opt for the classic camera captures all approach. Or they are dabbling in professional photography and would like to capture all the angles and movement with high quality images If you’ve got one of those dads, then giving them a digital camera is a great idea this year to get them into the tech field with all the other dapper dads. And if you are feeling fancy enough, get them one of those DSLR cameras like CanonEOS 1300D + EF-S 18-55 MM STD Kit. Who knows, your dad might be an even better photographer than you are.

Canon DSLR camera



Now dads have become way cooler than we care to admit, in fact my dad is one of the most tech savvy folks I have come across. If your dad shares the same enthusiasm, then getting them a VR headset  VR BOX Shinecon Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Cardboard 2.0 VR Headset - Black is a great way to get them indulged in the newest of mobile industry. They can enjoy their favorite movies, games and a lot of other media on a relatively cheap gift, provided they have a smartphone already, I mean who doesn’t at this point.

VR shinecon


Leather wallets are again one of the safest choices in a gift you can ever make, if you are relatively clueless and out of time. Buy one leather wallet and get it personalized with any message you like, your dad’s name, happy father’s day, or even “WORLDS BEST DAD”. OK we’ve been through this already, but let’s face it, it’s true after all.

toffee wallet for fathers day



Whatever profession our dads maybe in, but one thing they all like to do is tinkering with tools. Time and time again we’ve seen our dads take out some nails and a hammer to fix the shed, drill holes to hang picture frames, or fix that old tree house we used to love hanging out in. Getting them an old state of the art tool set like 5-IN-1 OLD FASHIONED HAMMER & TOOL SET is a great way to show that we remember all the hard work they’ve put in to make our lives easier and simple, and another reminder that out dads are still young and fresh.

old fashioned hammer


My dad used to be a state level surfer when he decided to join family business and get married. Men, almost all of them, have a sport they are extremely passionate about, either watching or playing. They could spend hours staring at the TV waiting for their favorite team score a home run and jump up in excitement. If you know which sport team your father liked to watch or a fan of, or used to teach you sporting activity when you were little, get them a sporting item accordingly like a surfing board, golf club or a football signed by favorite team or some commemorative item. A handy gift as well as a reminder that they still got the moves. Or you can find a mutual hobby together and start to create some memories by doing an activity together and hanging out.

fathers day gift ideas

Dads are great, everyone knows it, but we fail to appreciate them the way they deserve like our mothers or siblings. They do a lot to raise us  into people we are today and we should replicate our feeling the same way they do for us, every day of their lives. Put in a little effort, combined with our list of the 10 best gift ideas for this Father’s Day and you’ve got yourself a very pleased dad indeed.

  • August 30, 2016