Is shopping at Catch just like winning the Powerball?

Almost half a year have passed since the news flew across Australia, that someone has won the Powerball. The winning ticket is worth $55 million. But the winner remained unknown. Each day for more than 5 months people have been asking themselves if this is going to be the day when the big secret is relieved. Who is going to be the lucky one? Will the person ever check their ticket and claim the price? And finally, someone did. 

The biggest Powerball win in Australia in 2018

This win has been one of the biggest things everyone in Australia is buzzing about since the very beginning of new year. On January 11 the winning ticket was drawn in the Powerball lottery, making one very lucky Melburnian $55 million richer. As the days passed, no one claimed the price. Even more, time passed and many speculations started.

As the representatives of Tattslotto revealed, there have been so many fake claims, pretending to be the lucky winner. People have pretended that their ticked have gone through the wash so they can’t present it. Or that their dog ate the ticket. However, none of them have been able to specify to the detail where the lucky ticket was purchased, so no winner had been announced until almost the very end of the waiting period. 

As the Powerball rules state, a lucky winner is entitled to claim their prize any time during a six month period after the lottery. So just 7 days before the deadline, to a huge surprise to everyone, the real winner finally showed up to the Tattslotto office with the golden ticket in hand. And when he left the office sometime later, he was already $55 million richer. 

The lucky winner has chosen to remain anonymous, only revealing that he’s going to spend the money on their family. That’s a huge bonus, that can definitely create a great freedom in life. The other Powerball winners are known to be spending their winnings to pay off their homes and help their families. With this kind of money, the person and a few generations after them can surely live a good life. But to do that, it’s still important to choose wisely where to spend the money. When talking about shopping for a wide range of products the first that comes to the mind for many is one of the Australian favorite online stores 

What can you do with $55 million?

This is the kind of amount that can last long and create a beautiful life for a person. And as many say, it’s could have become much more, if the lucky winner claimed the amount at the very beginning almost 6 months ago and invested it wisely.

As the calculations show, the person could have also bought 66 houses in Melbourn, at the market median price. Or they can easily be purchased the famous Stonnington Mansion in Malvern, that’s currently worth $52.5 million. The person could also invest the money in gold, purchasing 1000 kg for that amount they won. Or if they love to travel, then a purchase of Quantas 3000 first class return tickets to New York will be no problem for them. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

However, the person shared the plan to spend their money on their family. And what’s the best place where to shop for yourself and your family without even leaving home? Many Australians will say - and rightly so!


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  • July 20, 2018