Kobo Ereader Device Comparisons

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Tablets and smartphones are now ruling the world of technology and our everyday lives depend on them, much than we care to admit. But to a true extent they have earned the right with the amount of portability and comfort they add to our everyday work and entertainment. E-readers have essentially gone down the same path, rapidly becoming a viable replacement for hard copied books and novels to become one hub for all your reading needs. Likewise the tablets and smartphones, there are a number of impressive e-readers there for the literature savvy folks out there. Kobo is a prominent manufacturer from the recent lot and we got our hands on some of the latest kobo devices, each of them making their presence felt. Kobo is a long time manufacturer of ebook readers and we got hold of 3 kobo devices from the lineup to bring up a head to head comparison for you. Now each the kobo ebooks reader stood tall to the task, but each of them offer distinct features, some of which might suit you to a better extent than others.


Buy the Kobo Touch Now The device features a 6 inch anti-glare screen. The Pearl E Ink touchscreen display works very well under direct sunlight for visibility. 4 GB provides ample space for a large library of ebooks and reading material and a single charge is about 2 months of battery life. The device has support for most of the popular languages and almost every ebook format out there. The size and compactness of the Kobo Touch 2.0 is its main advantage for extra portability, but the weight could be argued about a little, pitching in at 185g.


Buy the Kobo Glo Today Straight away the HD display from this kobo device got our attention. With a pixel rate of 300 per inch, the Kobo Glo HD delivers a more authentic book like display with customizable fonts, sizes and margins. Similar in size to the Kobo Touch 2.0 ereader, the device holds its own for 2 months on a single charge. The ample 4GB on board storage is capable of keeping thousands of kobo ebooks at a time.


Buy the Kobo Aura HD Today This kobo device features an exceptional 6.8 inch HD display with a crisp resolution and brilliant visibility under sunlight. The main attraction though, is the IP 67 certification for water and dust for up to 30 minutes or 1 meter. Being the largest of the lot, the kobo ebooks reader weighs higher at 233g. Same 4GB capacity as Kobo Touch 2.0 and Kobo Glo HD, the device supports pretty much every ebooks format in the market.


While we couldn’t really put any of the devices bow down to each other in terms of features and comparisons, the features and functionalities offered by each of them will suit readers of the particular kind. Users looking for an ereader to take wherever they want with them, not having to worry too much about the weight and heave on their pockets of carrying a device should opt for the Kobo Touch 2.0 or Kobo Glo HD. Both devices offer excellent portability with handy features with their compact size. Kobo Glo HD’s sharp display sustains more pressure under sunlight and would be a preferable pick for people looking to read outdoors more often. If you are an intent reader indoors, the Kobo Touch 2.0 will garner the same features for you, but with a lower price tag. The Kobo Aura H20 is a fantastic ereader in almost every aspect, and will favor the adventurous ones who like to travel or hike a lot with its water and dust resistance. The larger and higher resolution display is a treat to read into, but that also adds a few extra grams to the cause. So pick one up and start reading your favorites and let us know which one of Kobo ereader do you like best! Kobo Australia   Ebooks and ereaders on sale Have Fun Reading! Booktopia deals 2016        

  • May 17, 2016