Mermaid blanket that will brighten cold days and great Valentines Day Gift

mermaid blanket at dresslily

It is one of the biggest hits, worshiped by young and old women all over, and we are sure that it will delight you too. Want to know what is it? It’s mesmerizing mermaid blanket!  Mermaids always were popular and mystified mythical creatures. Therefore no surprise that this knitted mermaid tail in the form of blankets became a hit, which is also comfortable, amazing and fun. They look irresistible, reminding us of our favorite Disney character, are very warm and definitely much desired in everyone’s blanket collection. You’ll have the chance to warm yourself up, and thereby to imagine that for a moment you entered the fairy tale! Is there a better way to brighten up any day?It is ideal company during the reading session next to the quiet crackling fire, watching your favorite TV show or perhaps the new Instagram photo. Now, what’s best about it, is that you can find these blankets at amazing discount that goes up to 70%, in incredible online web shop It is one of their special offers for a Valentine’s Day gifts. There are over 500 blankets offered in different hues and sizes with several styles, from the ones for newborn babies, children, to the ones for grown up women, so there is no way someone could not find the one to love. It comes in all sizes, prints and colors, with different lengths and shapes of a tail so it could satisfy everyone’s needs. If you have a newborn, you will wish to take a photo session in the irresistible and charming photography prop knitted crochet mermaid tail costume, available now for only $11.92 AUD.

mermaid blanket for new born on discount

In case you have a bit older child Shark design sleeping bag blanket selling for amazing $33.85 AUD would be the best choice. You child will be thankful and happy because they could use it for playing while imagining themselves at the depths of an ocean swimming with the fishes. On the other hand you will not have to worry about their tossing and turning while sleeping because this blanket will stay on them during the whole night.

shark shaped sleeping bag for kids

Don’t worry, this blanket is not reserved for kids only. There is a huge choice of mermaid blankets for adults, women and men. If you are casual type of person you will surely want to order fish scales design mermaid blanket. You can choose between different colors, lengths and styles, for the price that goes around $29.71 AUD.

mermaid blanklet with fish scales

  For extravagant customers they have interesting items, such as fish skeleton mermaid blanket now at 41% discount, selling for $63.76 AUD. These are super soft blankets, made of skin-friendly materials that will keep you warm and cozy during the night time and cold season, in a fun and fairy way. It can be unique and special gift, and you definitely cannot go wrong if buying it to someone. Irresistibly sweet mermaid blanket will make anyone look like a mermaid or merman, from the comfort of their own couch. Valentine will come soon it is the most suitable time to buy gifts to give big surprise to your lover You can enjoy free shipping and up to 60 off with kinds of fashion styles at Dresslily Dont miss it Ends 2142017

  • February 10, 2017