New Instagrammers cafe in Auckland in the Spotlight

Nowadays interior design and “out of the box” features are the ones attracting the most attention. Whether it’s a fun cafe, a trendy restaurant, an artistic photo wall or even your home decorations, people are always in the hunt for that perfect Instagram shot. 

So now a new a Taiwanese bubble tea cafe GongCha is about the step up the whole interior design game in Auckland, by opening up it’s first Instagrammers cafe. Many are wondering already, what’s going to be so special about the design in this place and where can they get something like that for their home? Continue reading as we’ve got the answers to both of those questions. 

Gong Cha cafe for Instagram photos

For a while already there has been a talk about the most Instagrammable cafe opening in Auckland, New Zealand soon. It’s going to be a bubble and boba tea cafe by the Taiwanese drink chain GongCha. But what’s really so great about this place is the fact, that they have put a special attention to the design details, to make every visitor snap an Insta photo here.

The main element of the design will be a  swing set against a backdrop of one of Gong Cha's real tea fields. The wall with the image of tea fields will create a realistic enough feeling, making everyone feel like they’re having their tea right there in nature. All the customers of the cafe will be encouraged to test out the swing and take a photo for their social media. 

In addition to the tea fields wall, there will also be exciting interactive sets, that people will be able to pose in front of. The designers of this Instagrammable cafe have been following the interior design trends and created a clean and minimalist design with space within a space. It’s going to be very convenient to take great photos to share on social media.

The growing popularity of “out-of-the-box” design spaces

The creative designs of cafes and shops have been the top trend for a while now. The biggest popularity of these kinds of cafe concepts is especially in Asia, with many creative spots all over Bangkok, Tokyo, the biggest Chinese cities and more. As the young people become more and more serious about social media posting and the way how marketing trends are shaping because of that, everyone now is thinking about pretty things to attract the attention.

This creative Instagrammable cafe is expected to be the first of the five new stores that are planned to open in New Zealand in 2018. The Gong Cha is taking the design trends in their hands. But how to follow them with something equally creative for your own home? Not only these cafes can be picture perfect, your home can be too. And many people agree the best place to help with that is the Spotlight NZ online store.

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  • July 23, 2018