Replace broken lenses for your Sunglasses with Sunglass Fix

Fix lenses for Sunglasses

Accessorizing is always an important part of owning any fashion, regardless of the season. And when it’s summer, one is just not complete without that special pair of sunglasses to walk around in broad daylight.

Everyone has those special frames they so dearly love to carry with their outfits, and while you don’t want to lose your favorite sunglasses forever, outdoor wear accessories like sunglasses tend to be prone to wear and tear over time and you would need to fix sunglasses or get sunglass replacement lenses.

But you can maintain your collection of sunglasses intact when you know how to fix sunglasses and where to get the best sunglass scratch repair or replacement sunglass lenses from. It’s quite common to get scratches on your sunglass lenses every now and then, even if you take lots of care, and you’ll be needing to get them replaced.

We ran some of our own sunglasses through the renovation process at the to find out how good they got our precious frames back in shape, and also to help you out in the process. One of the top rated sunglasses retailers in Australia, the fixes were rather pleasant and made us venture into the site to see what more they had to offer.

Here’s what we got ourselves treated to:


The marketplace has a surprising number of different brands and products at disposal. With over 300 brand products available, this is by far the largest marketplace we’ve come across, and you too are sure to find sunglass lenses or repair jobs done for any brand you could think of. Noted brands like Ray Ban, Prada, Nike, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Oakley are all featured.


The online marketplace has an added stock of all repair parts, tools and accessories for users to buy if they intend to do the hefty work by themselves. The products range from screwdrivers, replacement nose pads, molding kits along with a range of tutorial videos and guides to help you out with fixing almost any problem you might face with your sunglasses. If you’re in the mood to fix sunglasses yourself, you can always use the online sunglasses scratch repair or sunglasses lenses replacement service from the team.


Before you decide on to order some lenses for your sunglasses, you can always check availability and designs from the handy search by the site to find its availability, searching by either brand or model. Simply put in your frame’s model no. or browse through the available library of sunglass lenses brands to find out what you’re looking for.


The website offers to build you customized sunglasses lenses, where you choose the color, material and shape of the replacement sunglass lenses. Just pick out from regular or polarized glass, your desired color and shipping methods and you are done. Most the glasses they sent fitted perfectly into the frames. The ones which didn’t were sent back with ease, and redone free of cost. You can also opt in to get the sunglass lenses fitted in your frames by mailing them your piece when making an order and the experienced team will take care of the rest.

Apart from the services and timely deliveries from Sunglass Fix, we were really impressed by the amount of tutorials they provides on personally taking care of your frames and lenses, replace broken or worn parts and clean lenses or disassemble your sunglasses. If you keep your sunglasses close to yourself and have a closet hiding in somewhere, then having a look through their marketplace for lenses and repair services is a must.

You can try out different lenses with your existing sunglasses to get a different style altogether, or get them repaired ad modified as completely new.

  • June 21, 2016