Sleep Tight On Organic Bamboo Sheets

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There is no better feeling than lying in bed, among your comfort and scented sheets after having long tiring day. Of course, to be able to like that feeling you need to have great sheets. Where to find these, you ask? Keep reading and you’ll find out!

The importance of Quality Sheets

Your bedroom should be the oasis of relaxation with beautifully furnished bed as the central detail in the room. You can achieve that perfect ambiance by selecting quality sheets set. However, many people spend money on expensive synthetic blanket or decorative pillows and spare on the bed sheets. Do not make this mistake – sheets are in direct contact with your face and body skin and therefore you need to choose them carefully.

Choosing the Right Bed Sheets

We know that choosing the right sheets is not always an easy job (in fact, it is rarely easy). So we decided to help you to choose the best ones. Natural materials are of course the best ones. And among widely known organic cotton fabric, there is one trend that is expanding when it comes to sheets. It’s bamboo! Bamboo sheets are silky soft and smooth, highly absorbent and have excellent moisture wicking quality and thermal regulating properties that keeps you cool throughout the hot and humid Australia’s summer, and warm during colder periods. It has natural antibacterial properties and what’s most important, it’s eco-friendly. The production of these sheets environmentally requires less labour and chemicals. Bamboo grows quickly and can be harvested every two to three years, with little or no environmental impact. Because of these characteristics, bamboo has been declared for environmental plant and materials made of bamboo ecological and sustainable. They’ve become absolute hit in the world.

The Best Bamboo Bed sheets

Now that we made clear that bamboo sheets are absolute must have, let us introduce you to the amazing web shop, where you will find the best eco linen bedding and bamboo sheets in Australia. Find the ones you like the most and buy them by excellent price using Shoppingspout’s coupons, codes, deals and discounts. You can have excellent bed linen collection up to 60% off, free shipping or bamboo blankets, bed sheet and throws for starting price as low as $24.95!

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If you are a traditional who likes simplicity and elegance get yourself Bamboo Bed Sheet Set in cream or grey colour ($120). There is another beautiful bedsheet set in ivory with broad stripes of beige, available in white and ivory version ($165). When it comes to blankets choose between Bamboo Throw Blanket Azure, Oatmeal or Slate ($69.50).

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For your baby girl get organic bamboo baby blanket ($45.50) or organic bamboo pram blanket ($24.95) in pale pink colour. Baby boy will enjoy being wrapped in blue organic bamboo baby blanket ($44.95) or organic bamboo pram blanket ($24.95). You can treat yourself or your loved ones with Bamboo Pillowcase Gift Set available for $39.95. Now hurry up and get that shopping done, because this is super offer you can’t miss.

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In the end it’s only left to wish you a good purchase and sweet dreams!

  • March 30, 2017