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Samarium Cobalt Cylinders Available From $4.70

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Automotive Items Available From $3.06

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Doors, Gates and Latches Starting From $11.41

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Magnetic Fishing Starting From $144.84

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AMF Magnetics Discount & Promo Codes

Which magnet brought you here? Are you drawn by curiosity or on the hunt for magnet deals? Well, welcome to AMF Magnetics, your magnet HQ! They’re great when it comes to magnets and magnetic products! 

Imagine you need magnets for a project, maybe some artsy or home improvement thing, so you need magnets, okay? Look no further than AMF Magnetics! They offer quality magnets and gear that won't empty your pockets. And guess what? You can get AMF Magnetics discount codes and special offers, right here on this page at, just scroll up, and grab them!

Now, let's talk magnets. AMF Magnetics has got all kinds—Neodymium, Ferrite, Alnico, Samarium Cobalt—you name it. Neodymium magnets are like the superheroes of magnets, super strong and ready for action. Need magnets in different shapes, sizes, and prints? AMF Magnetics has you sorted. They're not just about magnets. They've got magnetic tape, hooks, and even magnetic fly screens. Yes, magnets for everything, from fishing out metal stuff to keeping your art on the wall without a fuss! Let’s explore AMF Magnetics in more detail! 

AMF Magnetics - Australia's Leading Supplier for All Your Magnetic Needs

You know, AMF Magnetics, as Australia's leading supplier for all your magnetic needs isn't just about magnets. They're all about turning your ideas into magnetic reality. They’re about quality. Their magnets are top-notch, super strong, and built to last. No flimsy stuff here! When it comes to options, they've got you covered. Need a powerful magnet? They've got Neodymium. On a budget? Check out Ferrite magnets. They've got Alnico and Samarium Cobalt too, each with its own powers. AMF Magnetics has all sorts of magnets, from the super-strong ones for heavy-duty jobs to the budget-friendly ones that make your gadgets tick. Need a funky-shaped magnet? They've got those too. They're like the one-stop shop for all things magnetic! But what about the shopping experience? It's a breeze. AMF Magnetics team is always there to help you find the perfect magnet for your project. No rocket science is involved! 

Magnet Marvels Await at AMF Magnetics

You might be thinking, "What's the deal with magnets, anyway?" Well, AMF Magnetics has all the info, and trust us, it's downright fascinating!

Magnets of All Types

They've got all kinds of magnets, from the heavy-duty Neodymium ones to the more budget-friendly Ferrite ones. Whatever you're up to, there's a magnet type that's just right.

Rare Earth Magnets – Super Strong

Rare Earth magnets a.k.a Neodymium magnets, are like the rock stars of magnets, always ready to amp up the magnetic action. Got any burning questions about them?

Ferrite Magnets - Budget-Friendly but Awesome

Ferrite magnets might not be the superheroes, but they're budget-friendly and do a fantastic job. They're the champions when you want quality without emptying your wallet.

Alnico Magnets - Heat and Corrosion Fighters

Alnico magnets might not have the muscle of Neodymium, but they're tough cookies when it comes to handling heat and corrosion. They're like the magnets that don't break a sweat under pressure.

Samarium Cobalt Magnets - Strong and Resilient

Samarium Cobalt magnets are like Neodymium magnets with an extra layer of toughness. They laugh in the face of heat and corrosion, making them the heavy-duty champions of the magnet world.

Magnetic Labels - Organize Like a Pro

Magnetic labels are your personal organizers. They stick to metal surfaces, making it super easy to label shelves, bins, or whatever needs tidying up. Who doesn't appreciate a well-organized space?

Magnetic Strips - Stick and Stay

Magnetic strips are the masters of sticking around things. With adhesive backing, they're perfect for attaching signage, photos, or anything lightweight to metal surfaces. 

Magnetic Sheeting - Customizable and Versatile

Magnetic sheets offer flexibility. You can cut them to any size you need, making them ideal for creating magnetic displays and signs. So how creative can you get?

Magnetic Fishing - A Unique Hobby

Magnetic fishing is quite an interesting hobby. It's like a treasure hunt using powerful magnets to fish for metal objects in water. 

Magnetic Separation - Sorting Made Easy

Magnetic separation is like the magic trick for recycling plants. It efficiently separates metals from non-metals, making recycling a breeze. Mother Earth definitely approves.

Magnetic Art and Displays - Get Creative

Magnetic art and displays let your creative talent flow. You can create ever-changing art installations or dynamic magnetic boards. 

Magnetic Door Latch - Gentle Closures

Magnetic door latches are like the silent whisper of a door closure. They ensure things stay securely closed without a racket. Perfect for those late-night snacks without waking the house.

Shapes Galore

Magnets aren't just rectangles at AMF Magnetics. They've got round magnets, square magnets, disc magnets, and more. You can even get them in custom shapes if you fancy something unique.

Strength Flex

Whether you need a magnet to lift a ton or something gentler for your project, AMF Magnetics has the strength you need.

Fancy Coatings

Magnets with style! They offer different coatings like nickel, zinc, epoxy, and more to keep your magnets looking good.

Sizes for All

Big or small, they've got them all. No matter what size you're after, they've got your back.

Everyday Applications of Magnets - How AMF Magnetics Powers Your World

Ever wonder how magnets quietly power lots of everyday things? Well, guess what? AMF Magnetics is the hero in making it happen! They're in planes, cars, your fridge, and even your headphones. Magnets quietly work their magic in our modern world. They aren't just about sticking stuff to your fridge. They're in our medical machines, making sure your doctor gets to see what's going on inside you, all without cutting you open. Ever thought about how electric cars zoom quietly? Yes, magnets are behind that too. They keep things moving without all the noise. 

And hey, your credit card? That little magnetic stripe holds the key to your shopping sprees. Security systems? Magnets keep an eye on things, literally. And those super-fast trains that float above the tracks? Magnets again! They're levitating those trains like magic carpets. 

Oh, and don't get us started on music. Speakers use magnets to make tunes that get your feet tapping. Plus, compasses? Magnets help explorers find their way, even if you're just trying to find the nearest coffee shop. Magnets play a role in recycling, wind energy, and even hard drives that store your cat videos. They're everywhere, working hard behind the scenes. So, next time you see a magnet, give it a nod – it's probably making your life easier in ways you never imagined. They're not just for fridge art! 

Magnets are like those handy tools you don't think about until you really need them, right? They're super useful. And let's be real, we could chat all day about the gazillion ways you can use them. Too many to list here! So, no matter your magnet needs, when you need a magnet, just go to AMF Magnetics. They’ve got a variety of magnets – different types, shapes, strengths, coatings, and sizes. Don’t forget to get AMF Magnetics discount codes up from this page for extra savings! We’re going to share info about those special AMF Magnetics discount codes and offers in more detail! 

Maximize Your Magnet Budget with AMF Magnetics Discount Codes

Interested in saving some cash on AMF Magnetics? Well, get ready because we're going to tell how you can do that in more detail - AMF Magnetics discount codes and special offers that'll put a smile on your face and on your wallet! 

Imagine you've got your eye on a fantastic magnet. It's got a $50 price tag. Now, you're thinking, "How can I save some cash here?" Well, the answer is simple - AMF Magnetics discount codes! Let's break it down with a quick example! Say you've got a 40% AMF Magnetics discount code. Boom! You just saved yourself 20 bucks. Brought that $50 magnet down to a cool $30. It's like finding a surprise in your pocket – pure delight, right?

Now, how do you get these mystical AMF Magnetics discount codes? It's simple! Right here on this page at, you'll spot a lot of tempting offers. Take your time, find the one that promises the most savings for your magnet, and give it a click.  

Guess what? That click will whisk you away to AMF Magnetics, where you can get any type of magnet according to your needs. Pick the magnet you like, pop it in your cart, and off you go to the checkout. Now, for the grand finale – during checkout, you'll see a little box waiting for your discount code, like a kid waiting for candy. Just paste in the AMF Magnetics code you grabbed from this page, and see! Your total price shrinks faster than a melting ice cream cone on a hot day. 

So whether you’re a DIY champion, an artsy soul, or just in need of some magnets, don't forget to get those AMF Magnetics discount codes right here. It's like a secret handshake to unlock savings while keeping your money right where it belongs – in your pocket. So, ready to get the magnet you need? They’re just a click away! Happy magnet hunting! 


  • What sets AMF Magnetics apart from other magnet suppliers in Australia?

    AMF Magnetics isn't your average magnet supplier. They're known for their top-quality magnets and exceptional services. If you need a specific magnet type, size, or custom shape, AMF Magnetics has got you covered. 

  • Why should I trust AMF Magnetics for my magnet needs?

    Great question! AMF Magnetics has got a magnetic personality and the best magnets in town. They'll let their products do the talking.

  • How can I grab AMF Magnetics coupon codes?

    It’s super simple! Right here on this page, at, you can find AMF Magnetics discount offers. Just scroll up, pick the one you like, and start saving on AMF Magnetics products. No fuss, just savings!

  • Tell me more about AMF Magnetics discount codes. What kind of deals can I expect?

    We’ve got some great deals and offers for you! Our AMF Magnetics discount codes and special offers can get you various deals, from a percentage off your purchase to incredible offers on specific products, and more! It's a deal-hunter's paradise! 

  • I've picked an AMF Magnetics discount code. Now what?

    Great choice! Head over to AMF Magnetics' store and start browsing for the magnets and magnetic goodies you need. Once you've filled your cart, paste the AMF Magnetics discount code in the designated box during the checkout process and watch the owing price go down! 

  • Give me an example of how much I could save with AMF Magnetics promo codes.

    Let's say you're eyeing a product, and you have an AMF Magnetics promo code at your disposal. Depending on the code and the offer available, you could enjoy significant savings on your purchase. It's like finding hidden treasure – you never know how much you'll save until you actually check it out!

  • Are there any limitations on using AMF Magnetics discount codes?

    Keep in mind that each AMF Magnetics discount code might have its own terms and conditions, such as expiration dates or specific product requirements. Be sure to check those details before using the code.

  • Are AMF Magnetics magnets backed by a warranty?

    You're in luck! AMF Magnetics products come with warranties, so you can relax and take it easy. Think of it as having a safety net for all your magnetic escapades.

  • How do I know which magnet to choose for my project?

    Think of it like picking the right tool for a task. AMF Magnetics is here to simplify the process. They'll assist you in selecting the ideal magnet that perfectly suits your project's needs. Have a friendly magnet guide at your service with AMF Magnetics! 

  • Does AMF Magnetics offer international shipping for their products?

    Absolutely! AMF Magnetics ships worldwide! No matter where you are, they can send their magnets your way. Let them know your location, and they'll make sure your magnets board on their global journey to your doorstep.