Privacy Policy is a busy Australian shopping marketplace, fully equipped with seasonal coupons and daily deals intended to drive maximum consumer revenues and serviceability. In order to glean maximum discounts from coupons, no corporate/ tiring paperwork/ signups are required. Furthermore, no user information is taken by us, since all we are concerned is with diverting the targeted users towards their preferred destinations.

Simply click on the coupons and daily deals, and reap the benefits of various offered discounts. Shoppingspout brings only the latest and irresistible coupons keeping in line with the market trends and requirements.

The user is diverted to the ‘source website’, acting as a bridge between user and ‘source website’. The coupons are offered by top-most branded corporations on hot items/ clearance outlet for Australian consumer audience, allowing customers to maximize their shopping.

For consumers on an airtight budget, we have strategized stellar deals and irresistible discounts, luring out shoppers from their ‘shopping celibacy’. All of our current deals and promotional offers are viable with our respective affiliates. We categorically remove all obsolete offers after their due date is reached. is not held legally responsible in case of misuse of information nor theft of private data. We act as a ‘third party’ between two interested business interests.

The promotional offers and special discounts are sent to interested individuals via newsletters. Primary information such as email address, billing information, residential information and phone number are required. The emails can be unsubscribed at ‘any’ time as the user deems feasible. Coupons, discounts and promotional offers are sent weekly/ monthly depending on the preference. doesn’t divulge private information to its outside parties for data research/ market analysis. We also recommend ‘not’ to share username and password for personal safety.