Terms Of Use Sales

Shoppingspout website, its associated websites, offshoots and miscellaneous products are exclusive property of ShoppingSpout. For further clarification, the website, photos, coupons, videos, software, text, sound and music are all copyrighted material.

The customer is also restricted from disseminating, copying and redistributing corporate data/ information, pages and contents within Shoppingspout for personal benefits, without informing Shopping Spout beforehand. The customer is permitted to print/ download/ save our personal WebPages for informational usage (in order to get familiarized). However, we do not permit to reprint or upload it on another website/ blog without our consent. Otherwise, legal proceedings will take place.

Content creation without prior permission of Shopping Spout by the customer is strictly forbidden. Furthermore, it is strictly forbidden to redistribute, copy and publish any copyright material and product (modified/ unmodified) without our permission or that of the company in question.

All forms of retransmission, redistribution and publication is barred without the prior consent of Shoppingspout. In any case otherwise, legal proceedings will spring in action against the violator.

Usage of Copyright Material

The customer/ end-user is strictly forbidden to use our content for their personal benefits (including submitting to clients and reposting it elsewhere).

Violation of Intellectual Property Rights

Shoppingspout will not be held accountable in case a customer intends to bypass the violation laws and professes to publish the copyrighted material for personal benefits. will not act since it’s the private concern between the company and the customer in question. The company in question can seek legal proceedings at the drop of a hat in such a case. Subsidiaries, merchants and affiliates could be bypassing this injunction for personal gains. Customer who acts ‘above the law’ will be subsequently banned from entering the website and using its services. Even on behalf of another user, services will be revoked.

Trademark Policy

Shoppingspout is officially the trademark of Shoppingspout Inc. Furthermore, trademarks associated with Shoppingspout belong to various merchants/ companies.

Shopping Spout owns all the trademarks related to Shopping Spout portal, with the exception of when we are in process of obtaining the license from a trademark owner.

Disclaimer of Warranty

Shopping Spout, its affiliates, employees, agents, merchants, third-party content providers or licensors, do not offer any guarantee regarding uninterrupted use of the website, the benefits obtained from the use of the website or the accuracy of the content and dependability of the service provided by the website and its associated sites.

The communication between two interested parties (customer-company) is strictly their business and how they conduct it is their responsibility. In case of any fraud, we are not liable for any damage. However, we will remove the said company from our listings.

We categorically do not endorse any falsified claim by any company/ merchant for that matter. We merely act as a bridge between two concerned parties.

The customer owns all the risk while surfing our website.


The customer cannot withhold website against any falsified claim regarding the product / service / discount / promotional offer. The employees, officers and staff at Shoppingspout are independent from such issues, being a middle agent.

User Privacy and Confidentiality

Shoppingspout will take-down any fraudulent product/ service it deems exceeding the fines of law.

Shoppingspout will not police/ oversee/ monitor the comments section. Consumers are advised to be respective of each other and behave within professional mannerisms. We assume that the ratings are realistic regarding various products.

3rd Party Content

We strictly aren’t involved in editing services of the website. As a result, we don’t oversee comments, offers, advices and personal opinions, as they belong to the customers and customers alone.

Resolving Dispute

In case of any arising dispute between the merchant/ company/ third party and customer, we advise to seek legal action/ arbitration for reaching an amiable conclusion.

Terms of Sale

The vouchers are standalone products viable for claiming discounts. As a result, they can’t be used with other vouchers. The merchants are solely responsible for offering product discounts and promotional offers. We do not wield any influence on their operations.

The discount vouchers offered at Shopping Spout and its associated sites may be purchased from the participating merchants through Shopping Spout and can be redeemed in exchange for goods and services. The purchase of a voucher through Shopping Spout is governed by these terms and conditions:

All the discount offers and promotional sales are updated daily in order to maximize customer retention and benefit. We advise both merchants and customers to remain within the confines of law and act accordingly. Only the merchant can allow the reproduction, sale, or trade of a voucher.

A voucher may be used only to purchase the merchandise sold by the respective merchant, and may not be applied to shipping or handling charges.

Only one voucher can be used per order unless explicitly specified by the merchant.

Shopping Spout and its registered merchants cannot be held liable for lost or stolen vouchers.

Shopping Spout will not offer any new vouchers in case of theft.

Expired vouchers are not renewed by us or the merchant.

Redemption of a voucher is conditional upon adherence to these terms and may be rendered void if these terms and conditions are not met.

The merchant shall be responsible (entirely or in part) for the injuries, illnesses, damages, claims, liabilities and costs suffered by a customer from the merchant’s product or service.

Policy on Deals/ Promotions

The companies/ merchants/ coupon posters are all advised to post legitimate/ updated and valid content for the safety of the consumers in order to avert any fraud. We advise to fully read our terms and conditions for this matter.

Shopping Spout will take-down/ take-off promotions/ deals which are deemed as fraudulent/ obsolete/ outdated and violating the rights in any form.

Shopping Spout also prohibits promotions/ deals and infringement/ theft of intellectual rights/ products for personal benefits.

Shopping Spout also holds the right to update its policy without prior informing of its resident clientele. However, we will inform by email of any resulting changes therein. If we find you in violation, legal action might be taken depending on the severity of the violation.

After signing up on our portal of Shopping Spout, the customers relieve us of the responsibility of any damage caused by faulty equipment/ merchant fraud/ fraudulent activities and illegal activities categorically. We merely act as third parties and will continue to do so.

Terms and Conditions

Please follow the mentioned terms and conditions below as any issue will be resolved by legal action. Throughout the document, will use ‘we’ and ‘us’ interchangeably. Strict adherence will result in a long-term partnership.

User Agreement

After accessing the website, the user is under laws governed by the website. The user is forbidden to transfer his rights of access to another ‘party’ without/ out prior permission or inquisition from website. The protection of username and password is the sole responsibility of the end-user whilst we affirm protection of user data from our side.

The end-user should be aged-18 and above in order to sign a legal contract.

Children below the age of 13-years are allowed to use this website, provided that they are under adult supervision. As a result, terms and conditions should be complied as a foremost obligation.

Rules of User Conduct

The entire website of Shopping Spout and its offshoots are legally within legal prosecution in an event of any violation of law. The websites, WebPages and its entirety are all property of

The end-users will refrain from spreading false word of mouth regarding our services nor hate amongst new customers. In case of complaints, please contact our ‘Contact Us’ page to resolve any grievances.

We respect the sentiments and rights of all our customers alike. The customers are advised to remain within professional behavior whilst contacting to our technical department reps. As human beings and citizens of the world, equal treatment is best advised. However, we aspire to deliver the best customer service.

Usage of unfair means and fraudulent services will result in legal proceedings by default.

Shopping Spout can suspend/ freeze account of its customers in view of any fraudulent activities.

In view of rules violation, we will suspend/ freeze account.

Quality of Service

We ensure/ confirm/ aspire to provide the best service to our abilities for our valued customers. We apologize in advance for any arising interruptions/ lagging occurring on our portal. Verily, we will fix the glitch without further ado.

Faulty Product is not responsible for equipment damage/ fraud/ accessories, which is the responsibility of the company in question. Working as a third party, we are independent of any legal proceeding.

Alterations in Policies

We reserve all the rights to change/ alter/ update our terms and conditions without updating the clients beforehand for maintaining our security. Customers are required to read-up on Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Refund Policy

Contact our tech support/ Live Chat for any arising issues regarding the portal and software download in order to streamline efficient working between customers-companies.

Essentially, if the downloaded software from our portal contains bugs/ errors/ issues, please contact tech support to resolve it as opposed to experiencing faulty transaction woes later on. Our tech support will be helpful for three days at max, assuming after three days, the software is flawless. Your software will be replaced with a new one.

Under any case, we will not refund the amount due to heavy-duty transactions occurring on our portal. Users are advised to be vigilant and careful.

Products Banned

We have categorically banned certain items/ deals/ promotions from our portal:

1. Weapons of all kinds including high-power magazines, rifles; guns; firearms; tasers

2. Pornographic/ soft-porn/ adult/ erotica material of all kinds

3. Chatting services and social media marketing

4. All forms of religious promotions/ services/ products

5. Religious art of all forms

6. All products showcasing vulgarity, nudity and profanity

7. All forms of products denoting racial segregation

8. All forms of new/ second-hand music products/ instruments

9. All kinds of pyrotechnic/ firework products

10. All forms of alcoholic beverages

11. All kinds of tobacco products

12. Explosives and dangerous materials of all kinds

13. Drugs/ medicines of all kinds including legal/ illegal

14. Selling of animal/ humans body parts of all species

15. Gambling/ betting and such illegal services

16. Donations/ charity initiatives

17. Second hand products, lottery tickets and raffles

18. Stock exchange/ binary options trading and credit services

19. Loan services

20. Reselling of plastic money/ money of all kinds

21. Real/ fake licenses

22. Counterfeit currency of all kinds

23. Tickets of all kinds

24. Event tickets/ reselling

25. Job openings/ vacancies

26. Real estate dealings

27. Occult related enterprises

28. All forms of educational certificates/ degrees

29. Travel documents/ illegal paperwork

30. Fake identity paperwork (license/ IDs/ passports)